Paparazzi getting to England Rugby skipper Robshaw

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The English media has always had a tendency to blow thins out of proportion when it comes to their sporting icons – everyone of their sporting personalities find themselves in the midst of a media blitzkrieg and sometimes, it is not what they bargained for. Chris Robshaw, the skipper of the England Rugby side is finding out the hard way what being in the media limelight is all about after being chased by the paparazzi.

The Harlequins FC man has admitted that he has become more cautious, especially in public due to the high level of attention he tends to get from the paparazzi. Earlier this month, the England man was snapped enjoying some time off in Barbados with his girlfriend Camilla Kerslake and he has admitted that being in media glare is taxing, meaning that he does not have a private life anymore and whatever he does will always become front page news.

The England Rugby skipper has sought the advice of former England cricket captain Andrew Strauss and another former skipper of the England Rugby Team in Lawrence Dallagio about how to deal with being in the attention at all times.

According to the 28 year old, being under the media scrutiny 24×7 is not something they welcome or wanted and this has become a noose around his neck and that of his family. He said that he has become cautious about doing anything these days and that is not natural at all.

He mentioned that he has had talks with the likes of Dallagio and Strauss about how to deal with these situations because they faced something similar and came out on the other side and these things are something he doesn’t need in a World Cup year.

Robshaw will lead the England Rugby side on home soil later this year.