Lessons from the Rugby World Cup

The woes of the Rugby World Cup for England can have a positive effect as well. For instance, it is definitely acting as a positive force to keep the England team moving towards a victorious or a competitive finish at least.

The scrum battle that has ensued as the England and Australian team have taken off in the Test matches, what remains to be seen is who will emerge victorious this time. Last year the home grounds saw the England team face defeat in the hands of the Australian team.

Hence, old wounds would surely be working in the minds of the players who would be looking to make the most of the opportunities that lie in front of them this time.

When the game is at foreign soil it is always tougher for the visiting team. Usually England has to grapple with issues like facing accusations and rivalry from the opposing team as well as deal with home sickness as the tests and matches tend to continue for long and take up most of the summer, keeping the players away from home soil for long.

Missing out the home grounds and the crowd is an important factor that works against the visiting team, though there are more than a few thousand fans travel across the globe to follow England away – with sites us as http://www.liverugbytickets.co.uk helping them to find tickets to the games.

However, this time, with a determined head coach like Eddie Jones, the team is set to overcome all difficulties. They were successful in the opening series match as well as in the first test. Hence it is being hoped that England will be able to lick their wounds and set the score right this time. Last year the Wallabies had destroyed their opponents with a score of 33-13 in the game that took place at Twickenham.

The game occurred in the pool stage and that sent England out of the tournament. It was the first time in history that the host nation was not able to move to the knockout rounds. It was a humiliation for England that they still keep in their hearts and they hope that it will spiral them to victory this time.