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Shaun Knight’s appearance at the Aviva Premiership was quite an experience for him. Representing the Gloucester Rugby club for the first time, he managed to make quite an impact.

Irrespective of the impact, what is more promising is the fact that he managed to make his debut in the prestigious Aviva premiership which has been known for having great skilled game play.

Although this 21 year old has featured and played in quite a number of games prior to this, he had quite an experience playing for a premiership for the first time. The skill, talent and game play was advanced and against some of the top class players.

Shaun Knight had played a pivotal role in the Gloucester team strategy and this is one of the reasons why he managed to face such a great deal of importance. Gloucester was facing a scrum at that point of time amongst the 22 of them and was also trying to gain a victory over a hanging margin of 27-24.

There was a lot of pressure for Gloucester in the last few minutes as they hoped there was penalty in the scum which would result in a draw from their opponents. It was a tight packed game right till the very end and required all the team members to be up to the mark and at their best performance.

This however helps the team to build up a strong strategy and if they have managed to emerge victorious here, they are sure to do the same in the years to come. With new and experienced talented players coming into the club, Gloucester Rugby club hopes to raise their bar and standards when it comes to playing professionally.