Gloucester’s Hook All Set To Lock Horns With Rival Cipriani

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Gloucester hero Hook (James) is gearing up hard to lock horns with big rival Cipriani (Danny). The Wales man would don the #10 jersey to help out his club on the fight against the Sale Sharks.
Both the sides lost out on their inaugural Premiership encounters, Cherry & Whites by record margin & are naturally determined to regain the usual glory at Kingsholm.The interesting bit of the upcoming fight is surely the mouth-watering tiff between two among the most stellar talents across the game.
“Danny’s is no doubt a high quality player & when he is in full form the whole team starts playing well”, stated Hook. The Gloucester man has always been extremely respectful to his top rival.
“There’re amazing challenges out there & it feels great to play against luminary players such as George North with whom I played the previous week- that is one among the reasons for me to be here. But Danny & me are very similar the very way we bring guys in to game with us. Danny takes ball to line & he has got fantastic skills, pace & feet. He loves to take the players on. However, we are aware of his threats & we would be on the lookout for Danny.”

The Gloucester man admitted that magnitude of their defeat was quite shocking to everybody yet he also insisted that Cherry & Whites would soon come out with aplomb at Kingsholm.
“We need to come up with something against Sharks now. Sale are fantastic when it comes to defence. They are backed some really great players, especially at 9 (Chris Cusiter) & ten (Cipriani) with strong attacking threats yet we are well aware of the team & absolutely ready to take on the challenge”, Hook added in.