Gloucester To Make Competitive Offers

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This year Gloucester rugby club will remain aggressive in collecting fine players from the market and sprucing up their skills for the season coming up. The CEO of the team is confident of their competitive rates in attracting potential fine players in the market.

The transfer market being open, Gloucester will remain competitive in it even though they have not been able to retain a top position in Europe this year. Stephen Vaughan is confident of signing up some key players for the squad. He is working on the same with the director of rugby for the team, David Humphreys.

The club players are feeling the disappointment for having missed out a chance to play in the Champions Cup this year as well. However they have the financial strength and a history of good performances which the CEO feels would be adequate to attract key players from the market. As they finished eighth in the Premiership they have lost out on considerable money that comes in for the qualifying teams as ad and expenses to cover for participating in the tournament.

However the CEO is optimistic that they will be able to attract big players as the club remains an attractive brand in the world of European rugby. It is known to be a big club that offers a large playing stadium and support of a large fan base. he feels that the club is privileged to have several players like Tom Marshall, Charlie Sharples and Johnny May who continue to play for the club and will remain with the club for the next season.

The CEO is confident that adding one or two more new players to the team will help to ensure that the squad is spruced up for the upcoming tournaments this year. With the right mix of talent and motivation it is believed that the team will be able to gain back its position among the top teams in the continent this year.