With the fundraising month drawing to a conclusion, Gloucester Rugby is in a frantic battle to ensure that they climb up the rungs of the ladder at the Movember league table.

Jacob Rowan, Gloucester Rugby’s mo captain is very much determined to propel the Cherry and Whites to the top of the Movember leaderboard.

With the Movember tally for the Premiership Rugby already up to the £23,000 mark and a little time still left to gather more funds, there is a frantic drive for more donations as all 12 clubs hope to finish with a flourish.

For 26 year old Rowan, it is his first year as Gloucester’s mo skipper. And last year where the Cherry and Whites had ended the month behind Northampton Saints as the second highest fundraisers, he had acted in the assisting capacity for Richard Hibbard.

Rowan’s teammates have got right behind the effort, even though his tache still leaves plenty to be desired. Speaking about the Movember, Rowan had said,

“Richard Hibbard and I did it as a joint effort last year, and all the boys have got involved again so it’s good for the team and a good laugh to look at everyone’s taches,”

“But on a serious note, it’s a really important cause to raise awareness and raise some money as well.
“I’ve been brought up doing Movember. When I used to be at Leeds it was a big culture over there and the club would always do a big job for the whole month.”

Rowan was happy that the same culture he had grown up in at Leeds was being appreciated down in his current club. He however noted that his Mo is always on the average while that of his other team mates, Paddy McAllister and SioneKalamafoni was going well too.